The Organizer Bunny



"Sharona is so easy to work with. She quickly grasped the lay of the land and assessed our needs for de-cluttering and storage solutions.

The best part is that she arranged our closet in such a way that we're actually able to stick to it and keep it neat!"

- Abby


"Sharona was great. She patiently went through thousands of Lego pieces with me and categorized them and helped me organize many areas in my house that had clutter accumulating for years."

- Marina


"Sharona is awesome to work with! A pleasure to be around, and really helpful and great at what she does. Highly recommend!"

- Adina


"Working with Sharona was wonderful. She is sweet,hard-working and efficient and made me feel at ease throughout her time organizing my home. Five stars!"

- Sarah


"I really enjoyed working with Sharona. She is very professional and courteous, while being extremely honest and helpful. We all know moving is the biggest pain, and Sharona helped make it much, much easier by helping me cleanse myself of SO much excess, organize my room, closets, bathroom, and completely redecorate...all of which is a completely daunting task that I wouldn't have been able to do myself. I would absolutely work with her again and feel confident in referring her to my friends in the future (and I already have!)"

- Rebecca



"Organizing with Sharona was fantastic. She was a calming presence through the whole experience - she decreased my anxiety about organizing my kitchen and made it fun!"

- Laura


"Sharona was a pleasure to work with! She took the time to listen and drastically reduced the clutter in my room and closets in a day. She is very personable and sweet. I will definitely use her service again."